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Being a giraffe and why supermarkets make me nervous - five things you didn't know about me

I'm quite shy.

People don’t believe me, but I’m an introvert.  My comfort zone is sitting curled up at home and reading a book, and I get nervous meeting people at parties.  Heck, I don’t even feel very confident asking for things in the supermarket. It’s something I’m learning to overcome and if you ever saw me on stage you wouldn’t believe it, but for everyday life I often have to put on a confident front.

I heart France.

I’ll always have a soft spot for France, after spending four summers working there, as, wait for it - a campsite entertainer!  Yep, it was my job to jump around dressed as anything from a giraffe to a can-can dancer (by night) and teach aerobics classes (by day).  If this sounds like the best job ever, it was! And throw in the fact we had our own staff chef, never had to cook or wash up and had accommodation provided free of charge, then it was a dream.  Not to forget the full use of the swimming pools when we were off duty! But the best things I got out of the role were:

  1. Learning the true meaning of team-work
  2. Developing a love of France and the French language

When you have to put on a stage show - including preparing the scenery and costumes, doing the lighting, and cleaning away, as well as performing in a show night after night.  Well then, you learn what it’s like to work in a team. Add in the fact that most of the 17 strong team is French (and in fact you’re the only English person working for the campsite, out of 70 people.  That makes communication even more tough. Just getting out of bed in the morning was a daily challenge, as it felt like I had to learn French all over again every morning. The job was already tiring, but with this added challenge, it was seriously tough.  But so, so rewarding. And it taught me I can stick things out when the going gets tough. Plus the fresh croissants, beautiful countryside and amazing camaraderie was a fabulous experience. And I’ll always have a spot spot for France.

I can teach a group of people to do a mean round-house kick.

I’m a certified group fitness instructor and used to teach Body Combat and Body Jam.  There’s nothing like the buzz of being on stage, so I loved this job, which not only gave me the opportunity to perform and go crazy, but also to keep fit at the same time!  Sadly the shifts I was working at the time made this job untenable, and keeping up with the choreography was expensive and time consuming - but I’ll never forget my time encouraging a room full of people to wave a pretend sword around the room.

I’m a crazy dancer.

If you ever go to a party with me where there’s dancing to be had.  Well, you’d better watch out! I’m a crazy dancer to say the least and my arms seem to take on a life of their own.  When those cheesy tunes come on I really just can’t control my feet. I blame my genes - since I was tiny I haven’t been able to stop myself grooving if I hear some music.  It seems my son Hugo, may have inherited my trait, as he starts swaying whenever he hears music - even if it’s only the music on the adverts!

I can’t be trusted with After Eight mints in the house.

I have an addiction, and I just can’t help myself.  In fact the ONLY way to stop myself to go completely cold turkey and I only allow myself to come off the wagon once a year, at Christmas. You know the scene, the family’s all gathered round, you’re all stuffed yourselves with turkey and are arguing over whether to play a board game or watch the Only Fools and Horses Christmas Special. You reach for the box of After Eights and ...oh no...has someone eaten them all?  Who’s dared to eat so many without giving anyone else a look in? How dare they! And then you realise it’s you. Oh.

Yes I have a serious addiction to those little chocolate after dinner mints, so much so that I can’t buy them at any other time of year, because I simply can’t control myself.  I’m sure it could be worse, though. Right?!

What about you?

So that’s it.  Five fun facts you might not have known about me.  What about you - do you have a food addiction or an unusual hobby or job?  Please let me know i’m not alone!

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