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Huge announcement!

I’m thrilled to announce I’ve been chosen to be a regional ambassador for the Women’s Jewellery Network!

This is such a huge honour, and I am very proud to be chosen alongside such an amazing and inspiring group of women.

The Women’s Jewellery Network (WJN) is a relatively new organisation set up to promote and support women within the Jewellery industry.

So why should we have a network especially for women? After all, we don’t have a network for men!

Well, wouldn't it be great to live in a world where we didn’t need the WJN? However, the reality is that the senior levels of the Jewellery industry are dominated by men. This is a great shame, and a missed opportunity - as it means many organisations are missing out on the benefits afforded to them by having a more diverse workforce. It also makes it more difficult for companies to understand its customer base - seeing that most of the industry’s customers are in fact women.

And having a good understanding of customers is so vital for the jewellery industry - where often precious jewellery is less valued by its target market than the latest handbag or face cream. A change has to be made in the public perception of jewellery for the industry to thrive.

So it’s a big challenge for the WJN, but one I feel is really important to tackle and I’m excited to be at the forefront of such a big cultural change in the industry. Just think what could be achieved in the next five years.

To find out more about the Women’s Jewellery Network click here. 



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