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How to save time and look fabulous

Ever have one of those days when you’re out visiting friends, you look down, and realise that yup, you’ve got odd socks on. Or you’ve been wearing the same three identical t-shirts for as long as you can remember, because frankly you’ve only just got time to feed the kids and empty the dishwasher, and you haven’t got time to think about what you’re going to wear.

But on those days when you do have time to plan an outfit, you feel so much more confident and put together, and you feel like you can take on the world!

Yup, looking good is important, because it helps you to FEEL good. So how can you feel good everyday, even when there’s a toddler meltdown and a last-minute school project to pin down?

Here are some tips from some top style bloggers with some great advice:


Beth Goodrham – Stylist and Fashion Blogger 

“My style time-saving tip is to be as organised as you can with the amount of time that you have available.

“This may mean spending half an hour on a Sunday night putting your outfits for the week together, or spending 20 minutes creating a section in your wardrobe for all of your wardrobe basics, or spending 15 minutes pulling images out of a magazine to refer to in times of need, or taking 10 minutes to pull your favourite accessories together for the week ahead, or taking 30 seconds to snap an outfit that you like on your phone and putting it in a folder on your phone for future reference.

“Then from time to time, we just need a good re-organisation of everything so that we can see what we have and what else we may need.”

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Jessica Brown – Lifestyle Blogger 

“As a working, busy mum of two I have approximately 10 minutes each morning to get myself ready after sorting everyone else out. Over the years I’ve learnt a few tricks to speed up the process:

“Work out your outfit the night before. I love skinny jeans, they can easily be dressed up with a stylish necklace and heels or worn casual with bold earrings and Converse trainers.

“Wrap your hair up in a top knot with a very soft band to stop dents before you go to bed. Or a very loose plait. This will help hold its style over night and be knot-free the next morning. 

“On a busy morning my make-up must haves are always bronzer, a quick coat of mascara and nude lipgloss.”


 Roshni Natali - Style Blogger 'The Comms Gal'

"Having a comfy pair of gold or silver loafers or brogues by the front door has got to be my top tip for every uh-oh-i’m-running-late outfit! As neutrals, they go with whatever you’re already wearing and I love matching them to whatever jewellery I’m wearing that day. They automatically give the impression you’ve spent waaaay more time on your outfit and perfect for taking day-to-night too!

Have you found ways of looking great when you've got no time? What are you top time saving style tips?!

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